Immediately lock down the towns and cities with most cases, Physician Assistants


The leadership of the Graduate Physician Assistants Association applauds the government’s efforts through the Ministry of Health and Ghana health service so far in containing and tracing COVID-19 cases.

As at today 25th March 2020 10:50 GMT, Ghana has recorded 68 confirmed cases in isolation and 2 deaths; as at 24th March 2020, 1,030 cases were under mandatory quarantine, 844 samples taken, 510 samples tested, and 829 contacts are being tracked.

Physician Assistants and analogues have been competently successful in contributing immensely with similar clinical outcomes with physicians according to more than 500 peer – reviewed research evidence in epidemics and pandemics as duly recognized by the World Health Organization; comprising about 70% of outpatient prescribers workforce and the sole Sub-District Health Administrators for 1004 health centers supervising 5421 CHPS compound the community gateway to healthcare in Ghana.

Leadership of the Association calls on Government and the Ministry of Health To:

1. Employ the more than 200 graduate Physician Assistants whose names duly submitted by the Association and the Medical and Dental Council but totally neglected from the mass employment to assist in this COVID-19 pandemic

2. Focus on Physician Assistants in developing the Train of Trainer (ToT) model for contact tracing for community transmission within the districts and sub-districts

3. Provide PPEs for Physician Assistants who are frontline prescribers at the outpatient departments in almost all health facilities in Ghana to run urgent OPD

4. Properly integrate the Physician Assistant associations with the Ministry of Information initiated collaboration with professional associations on COVID-19

5. Conduct mass testing of all towns cities with most cases immediately Or

6. Immediately lock down the towns and cities with most cases

7. Immediately enforce social distancing at the OPDS at all health facilities and amongst health professionals who were super-spreaders in Wuhan and Italy

8. Restrict the number of passengers for public transport (taxis, trotro and buses)

9. Direct that all public transport on long journeys to have first aiders to monitor the clinical features of passengers before taking off and arrival.

The rate of super-spreading of COVID-19 from 16 to 68 confirmed cases from 20 March 2020 is increasingly alarming and calls for intensified and radical response from government who should involve critical health staff at all healthcare levels especially the strategically located frontline clinicians significantly including Physician Assistants.

10. Physician Assistants should be duly remunerated for COVID-19 Risk Allowances

11. Reduce the overcrowding and strictly enforce social distancing in the market places

The leadership of the Association anticipates the Ministry of Health opens the application portal for the recruitment of the over 200 Physician Assistants in accordance with the orders of His Excellency Nana Addo-Dankwa Akuffu Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana to assist in the COVID-19 pandemic immediately

Finally we call on individuals, corporate institutions and philanthropists to support in the acquisition of PPEs, sanitizers and other essentials needed to fight this COVID- 19 pandemic in our beloved nation.

CC: Hon Minister for Health PMB Ministries, Accra

The Director General Ghana Health Service

Thro’ Chief of Staff

His Excellency President of the Republic of Ghana Jubilee House, Accra

Anthony Asare Arkoh President

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