There Are Only 49 Countries In The World That Has Not Recorded Coronavirus Case. See List


The first case of Coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China back in December 2019. A number of dignitaries, influential and important people have been reported dead since the emergence of this scourge.

Different countries have been adversely affected by this virus with some countries recording zero cases.

To mention a few, the countries that have recorded the highest number of people who have fallen victim to this life-threatening malady include China which had over 80, 894 cases, Italy had 31,506 cases, Iran had 17, 361 cases, Spain had 13,716 cases, Germany had 10,082 cases, South Korea had 8,413 cases, France had 7,730 cases and USA had 6,543 cases.

The world has recorded a total of 204, 416 cases.

The World Health Organization had urged the entire world to exercise proper hygiene as the scientists work around the clock to find the best drugs that can help beat this novel virus.

Reports had it that there are still zero reported cases of Covid-19 in some countries.

Here are the countries;

1. Belize

2. Burundi

3. Cape Verde

4. Central African Republic

5. Chad

6. Comoros

7. D.P.R of Korea

8. Dominica

9. El Salvador

10. Eritrea

11. Federated States of Micronesia

12. Grenada

13. Guinea-Bissau

14. Haiti

15. Kiribati

16. Kyrgyz Republic

17. Libya

18. Madagascar

19. Malawi

20. Mali

21. Mauritius

22. Gambia

23. Tumor-Leste

24. Turkmenistan

25. Tuvalu

26. Uganda

27. Vanuatu

28. Western Sahara

29. Zambia

30. Samoa

31. Suriname

32. Sierra Leone

33. The Bahamas

34. Tajikistan

35. São Tomé and Príncipe

36. Niger

37. Madagascar

38. Malawi

39. Mali

40. Mauritius

41. Mozambique

42. Montenegro

43. Nicaragua

44. Nauru

45. Papua New Guinea

46. R.B. de Venezuela

47. Republic of Yemen

48. Saint Lucia

49. Saint Kitts and Nevis

I hope Nigeria becomes from this Deadly Disease soon.



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